Structural Support

Like an efficient building, every ambitious idea needs the framework to support it. The Ott Group provides the team, knowledge, experience, and passion to back your development projects, and bring them to life. Our experts are able to help you identify the goals of your real estate vision, strategize how those objectives can be met, and facilitate the necessary partnerships to exceed your expectations.


Whether it is design and conception, or zoning and acquisition, we can see your development venture through from beginning to end. Our team stays on top of the evolving trends, laws, and regulations within the real estate industry in order to deliver a seamless experience and exceptional results for our clients. We partner with professionals who can surpass the standards of our customers, and those of own team.

The Ott Group works to deliver the solutions our clients need in order to pursue and execute their projects. Some of the specific development services we provide are:

  • Contracting
  • Conceptual Design
  • Construction & asset repositioning
  • Leasing
  • Historic & environmental preservation
  • Land acquisition
  • Permits & remediation
  • Zoning & surveying