The Ott Group Advantage

Soon after opening our doors as a brokerage in 1959, the Ott Group began strengthening its support of the real estate market by creating pathways for residential and commercial buyers and investors to access even more opportunities. Since then, our team has played an integral role in countless transactions ranging from residential developments to sophisticated commercial real estate projects—and opened the door to clients looking to fulfill both personal and professional ambitions.

In finance and credit, we pair our real estate expertise with our extensive connections in the lending industry to help you achieve a cost-efficient and timely closing on even the most complex financial transactions. Our team’s responsiveness, efficiency and commitment to seeing your transaction through its complete lifecycle gives us a clear edge in ensuring you have the resources you need to secure your acquisition—and your future.

Targeted Solutions

The Ott Group specializes in the full scope of finance and credit across every asset type. A portion of these innovative solutions include:

  • Structured financing
  • Portfolio financing
  • Secured debt financing
  • Construction and project loans
  • Repurchase and reverse repurchase agreements
  • Securitization loans
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Co-lending relationships
  • Revolving credit
  • Acquisition financing