Rooted by Tradition

What started as a small brokerage firm out of Cologne, Germany, has steadily evolved into a global name in real estate.

Dieter Ott founded Ott Immobilien in 1959, and gradually expanded their service offerings to include property management, development, and investment over the years. When an opportunity to build out their real estate portfolio even further came up in California, Dieter knew it was the right move in order to grow the company into a global name.

By 2000 Ott Immobilien was a corporation and had become a well-oiled machine that provided clients with a one-stop-shop for all of their real estate needs. In 2004 Dieter’s son, Stephan, joined the organization, bringing a fresh and modern perspective to the family business. After taking over as CEO in 2014, Stephan has made New York City his primary focus as the brand continues to grow.

Throughout the years, one thing has remained the same – the Ott family values a transparent and honest approach when working with clients and forming partnerships. Their passionate drive to maintain a level of trust, integrity, and expertise, has allowed them to stand out against competitors – and they’re just getting started.

Focused on the Future

By adhering to the same principles that started the family business, Ott Immobilien has steadily made their way through a progressive industry. Leveraging their established values to pursue modern ventures has provided the company with the unique opportunities they need in order to evolve alongside the industry they serve.

For more than 50 years the Ott family has been developing more than just properties, but a strong international presence around the world. Now they are focused on entering the future of real estate by offering innovative solutions to traditional endeavors, while expanding their global reach. The forecast for what lies ahead includes:

  • Building up its real estate portfolio
  • Providing innovative opportunities
  • Researching energy-efficient programs
  • Expanding its global recognition
  • Accumulating business partners
  • Tapping into virtual reality
  • Growing international networks

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