Sustainable Efforts

The Ott Group believes in taking proactive steps towards building and optimizing properties that benefit their surrounding communities, and investing in the technology to help make that happen.

Our team is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to grow our communities, not just our own business. We hope to make a positive impact on both the clients, and the properties that we work with. Some of the ways the Ott Group is currently improving their local, and global, communities are:

  • Environmentally responsible housing
  • Optimizing energy use
  • Growing small businesses
  • Reducing greenhouse emissions
  • Utilizing renewable energy sources
  • Focusing on solar power

Responsible Investments

The individuals that represent the Ott Group are passionate about making a positive impact on our environment, and our society. We don’t simply invest in properties; we invest in communities.

Our employees are all active members of various programs that improve our neighborhoods. Everyone is involved in a variety of events per year that serve the people, and the communities, in which we work. It is our individual interests, knowledge, and talents that make the Ott Group the unique brand that it is. Here are some of the ways that our team is currently making a difference:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Food drives
  • Volunteering
  • Environmental clean-ups
  • Non-profit opportunities
  • Sharing our time & knowledge with the community

Want to Make an Impact?

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